5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips You Should Remember

One day, you will end up looking at your current kitchen. By that time, you’ll eventually observe that your kitchen’s doorknobs are rusting, floors are already peeling, and you have many items that don’t have storage in your cabinets. If that’s the case, then a kitchen remodel Longmont Co is what you need. However, wait before starting this massive project and read on the following kitchen remodel tips from kitchen remodeling experts:

Come up with a budget

Money will always be among the crucial things you need to consider when preparing for a kitchen renovation project. If you like to guarantee that you won’t spend the rest of your budget solely on your kitchen, then create a budget plan specifically for such a project. Moreover, it’ll serve as an excellent guide as you shop for your needed materials and guidance to effectively look for a kitchen remodeling contractor.

Pick granite countertops

Kitchen countertops are part of the most crucial features you need to include in your kitchen renovation project because this is the area where you’ll likely prep your ingredients. Then, you should choose a countertop that’s very easy to maintain and durable. Granite countertops are recognized as an excellent investment because they don’t get scratched easily, and they are low maintenance. Moreover, they are not that costly.

Settle for light-colored or white floors

You can choose from a lot of kitchen floors. However, experts highly recommend homeowners choose those floor types that are white or light-colored as much as possible. That’s why it can help you detect any food or spill dropped into your kitchen flooring a lot easier. Moreover, you have to avoid installing wooden floors because they have low moisture tolerance. Not only will they rot, but they also smell eventually once basked with moisture. Some of the ideal materials for your kitchen floors include ceramic, cork, and vinyl.

Choose wall-mounted cabinets

Perhaps you need to have your cabinets mounted on walls if you don’t have many spaces within your house, especially within your kitchen. However, regardless of your house is big, you still have to do so. Remember that you’ll be needing as much space as much as possible. Also, expect that you’ll have to move around your kitchen a lot, especially once your kids will find themselves running and playing around your kitchen.

Have a kitchen remodeler

Suppose you are not that well-versed about the process of kitchen remodeling. In that case, it’s vital to hire a trusted and skilled kitchen remodeler who can assist you in making the most effective plan. Apart from that, they will make sure to complete your renovation project right on time, thanks to their experience.

They already have ways to make the most out of your materials and your budget simultaneously. However, you need to ensure that you can find the best remodeler near you. To do so, it’s important to extensively do your market research or read about articles on how to find the best kitchen remodeler within your vicinity.


How to do a DIY Kitchen Remodel: Key Points to Remember

Homeowners remodel their kitchen because it’s either they want it to have a new look or the space doesn’t meet the demands of their cooking routine anymore. Major kitchen remodels are popular home improvement projects but they are also costly. You will approximately spend $60,000 on a 210-square-foot kitchen for a complete Kitchen Remodeling Pace FL and 67% of that cost would come back to you once you sell the house.  

 Kitchen Remodel

Costly as it is, people take the opportunity for a complete upgrade. Others take the DIY path when it comes to this project. DIY approach is not recommended to do, but if you have the skills and have worked with the same projects in the past, you can take this path. Just follow the guide we prepared below.  

Step 1: Create a Design Plan 

You are the one who’s going to use the kitchen, so the design plan should accommodate all your wants and needs. Kitchen and bath renovation should consider your routine, convenience, cost and functionality. You remodeled the space because you want it to cater your needs in the first place. The design should be detailed, where the ref and other appliances are located, the drawer, the cabinet and many more.  

If you want to save more money, use the existing space of your kitchen so you would spend much on the moving of plumbing and electrical systems. You are doing a DIY approach so you’ll want a cost-saving way and to also avoid tearing down some walls. However, even if it’s a DIY approach you can still hire a professional designer. He/she will give you advices about the design and will also offer you solutions for the problems you currently have with the design. 

Step 2: Purchase Fixtures and Other Appliances 

To invest more on the project and to add home bale, purchase the new furniture you desired. Do this after the plan is finalized. However, if you want to save you can keep the old cabinets and have them refurnished or redesigned. You can replace the other appliances if you still have a large budget. For the lighting fixtures, you can reuse the old ones you have. For the flooring, consider the installation of the new cabinets before completely changing it.  

Step 3: Do the Electrical and Plumbing Work 

The trickiest part of this project is the electrical and plumbing work. When old appliances and cabinets are removed or moved, the electrical system is affected too. Hire a contractor so you can clear up this problem.  

Step 4: Install Cabinetry, Flooring and Fixtures 

If you’ve done the other parts of the job like preparing the wall or painting it, installing new floor and others it’s time to install the cabinets and other fixtures you bought.  

Step 5: Do More Upgrade 

If you still have budget to buy more new things for the kitchen, do it. Buy that cabinet you want and make sure it still has space to put on. Other accessories can be bought too as long as you still have the budget.