The Do’s and Don’ts of Microblading 

The process of microblading involves mimicking the effect or real hairs by using a microblading pen to implant hair-like pigments under the skin. This technique skyrocketed over the past months because of its efficiency and effectivity for the clients. For busy women who don’t have the luxury of time drawing their eyebrows every time they leave for work, this process is efficient for them. However, if you plan of undergoing the same treatments you should know a couple of things.  



Do Your Research 

Do some research about the nearest technician who is expert in microblading. When you look for one, make sure they have certificates and licenses so you would know that they’re legal to operate those treatments. It’s also better that the technician has a compilation of photos of their previous work, is willing to ask any if your questions and make sure to ask as many information as possible. Visiting the clinic is better too so you can see if it’s a clean and safe environment.  

Do Some Preparation Work 

Before you go to an appointment, avoid waxing your plucking your brows because it will have a new shape based on the measurements they will make. Avoid using products like alpha hydroxyl acids, glycolic acid and others that can inflame the skin. Your goal is to make your skin insensitive to the procedure so bleeding is limited. If you are diabetic, pregnant or nursing you shouldn’t do this treatment.  

Communicate With the Technician 

The new shape of your brow will be based on the technician’s measurement according to your face structure and shape so you will get a natural finish. However if you want something else, you can communicate it with the technician. According a microblading expert, the shape of your eyebrows is determined by the 6 key measurements using a protractor designed for this procedure. The technical will guide you on how your brows look.  

Take Proper Care Post-Application 

After doing the treatment, there are things that you should do. Avoid using products and makeup on your brows for at least 2 weeks. You will be given a post-care cream so make sure you only use that one. As much as possible, avoid exercising, direct sunlight, tanning or anything that makes the brows moist.  


Do Not Overdo It 

The result of the treatment will last 1 to 3 years, depending on your environmental exposure. Experts advised to never overdo it. You can go the same treatment after the brows have healed, at least once a year or when the color totally fades.  

Don’t be Unrealistic 

Do not expect that your brows will look like Cara’s brows after the treatments. After the initial treatment, you’ll undergo appointments before you can achieve the ideal brows. Keep in mind that microblading is not a one-step process and it’s only semi-permanent. The initial strokes are first but then it will fade and then you will achieve your ideal brow overtime. Remember too that skin types also have an effect on the absorption of pigments.  

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