The Do’s and Don’ts of Microblading 

The process of microblading involves mimicking the effect or real hairs by using a microblading pen to implant hair-like pigments under the skin. This technique skyrocketed over the past months because of its efficiency and effectivity for the clients. For busy women who don’t have the luxury of time drawing their eyebrows every time they leave for work, this process is efficient for them. However, if you plan of undergoing the same treatments you should know a couple of things.  



Do Your Research 

Do some research about the nearest technician who is expert in microblading. When you look for one, make sure they have certificates and licenses so you would know that they’re legal to operate those treatments. It’s also better that the technician has a compilation of photos of their previous work, is willing to ask any if your questions and make sure to ask as many information as possible. Visiting the clinic is better too so you can see if it’s a clean and safe environment.  

Do Some Preparation Work 

Before you go to an appointment, avoid waxing your plucking your brows because it will have a new shape based on the measurements they will make. Avoid using products like alpha hydroxyl acids, glycolic acid and others that can inflame the skin. Your goal is to make your skin insensitive to the procedure so bleeding is limited. If you are diabetic, pregnant or nursing you shouldn’t do this treatment.  

Communicate With the Technician 

The new shape of your brow will be based on the technician’s measurement according to your face structure and shape so you will get a natural finish. However if you want something else, you can communicate it with the technician. According a microblading expert, the shape of your eyebrows is determined by the 6 key measurements using a protractor designed for this procedure. The technical will guide you on how your brows look.  

Take Proper Care Post-Application 

After doing the treatment, there are things that you should do. Avoid using products and makeup on your brows for at least 2 weeks. You will be given a post-care cream so make sure you only use that one. As much as possible, avoid exercising, direct sunlight, tanning or anything that makes the brows moist.  


Do Not Overdo It 

The result of the treatment will last 1 to 3 years, depending on your environmental exposure. Experts advised to never overdo it. You can go the same treatment after the brows have healed, at least once a year or when the color totally fades.  

Don’t be Unrealistic 

Do not expect that your brows will look like Cara’s brows after the treatments. After the initial treatment, you’ll undergo appointments before you can achieve the ideal brows. Keep in mind that microblading is not a one-step process and it’s only semi-permanent. The initial strokes are first but then it will fade and then you will achieve your ideal brow overtime. Remember too that skin types also have an effect on the absorption of pigments.  


A Quick Guide to an Effective Snow Removal Process 

All this time, your landlord or parents have been performing all the duties of snow removal and suddenly, you just find yourself in a different scenario. You are in charge this year, and the truth is that you don’t have a precise idea regarding how you should perform a snow removal job correctly. Or, maybe you want to somehow refresh your knowledge about snow removal activity. Lucky you because in this article, we will give you the most important snow removal tips for residential property owners.  

 Snow Removal Process

All this time your parents or landlord have been performing all the snow removal duties, and suddenly, you find yourself in a different situation altogether. You’re in charge this year, and you may not have a precise idea of what to do. Or maybe you want to refresh your knowledge regarding this winter-related home care activity.  

Snow Removal Tips for Residential Property Owners  

Shop for the Right Equipment 

Do not delay until the first snowfall in order to get your snow removal tools and equipment. Maybe it is a snow blower or a shovel, whatever you are planning to purchase, you should get it before the snowfall takes place. As a matter of fact, experts advise that if you are a beginner, you must invest in a shovel.  

Buying the Right Snow Shovel 

Always bear in mind that the improper use of shovels can potentially cause a lot of injuries, which is why experts suggest that you try the shovel first prior to buying it. You can simply assess you can be able to handle it easily. In addition to that, you can also try to get a shovel combination for yourself for a much easier handling. This is due to the fact that not all shovels are actually meant for the same purpose.  

Aside from one to two shovels, you will also need a scoop and a snow melting agent such as a calcium chloride or rock salt. Furthermore, an aluminum scoop must be preferred since it does not acquire rust.  

Things You Need to Do

The second snow removal tips that we can share with residential property owners are to the gathered knowledge about the snow removal responsibilities of other. You can ask if what certain area of the home you need to clear up if it includes the sideways as well as what are the things you need in order to do the task successfully. Furthermore, if you want to use a snow blower, you should make sure that you do not deposit any amount of snow on the road while on the process as it can be really dangerous for all the passersby.   

While you can be able to do all of these, it is still highly recommended that you hire professional and highly experienced snow removal companies to do the job since they are the most experienced and knowledgeable in this field, not to mention they are highly trained and well-equipped to perform any job related to snow removal.  


How to do a DIY Kitchen Remodel: Key Points to Remember

Homeowners remodel their kitchen because it’s either they want it to have a new look or the space doesn’t meet the demands of their cooking routine anymore. Major kitchen remodels are popular home improvement projects but they are also costly. You will approximately spend $60,000 on a 210-square-foot kitchen for a complete Kitchen Remodeling Pace FL and 67% of that cost would come back to you once you sell the house.  

 Kitchen Remodel

Costly as it is, people take the opportunity for a complete upgrade. Others take the DIY path when it comes to this project. DIY approach is not recommended to do, but if you have the skills and have worked with the same projects in the past, you can take this path. Just follow the guide we prepared below.  

Step 1: Create a Design Plan 

You are the one who’s going to use the kitchen, so the design plan should accommodate all your wants and needs. Kitchen and bath renovation should consider your routine, convenience, cost and functionality. You remodeled the space because you want it to cater your needs in the first place. The design should be detailed, where the ref and other appliances are located, the drawer, the cabinet and many more.  

If you want to save more money, use the existing space of your kitchen so you would spend much on the moving of plumbing and electrical systems. You are doing a DIY approach so you’ll want a cost-saving way and to also avoid tearing down some walls. However, even if it’s a DIY approach you can still hire a professional designer. He/she will give you advices about the design and will also offer you solutions for the problems you currently have with the design. 

Step 2: Purchase Fixtures and Other Appliances 

To invest more on the project and to add home bale, purchase the new furniture you desired. Do this after the plan is finalized. However, if you want to save you can keep the old cabinets and have them refurnished or redesigned. You can replace the other appliances if you still have a large budget. For the lighting fixtures, you can reuse the old ones you have. For the flooring, consider the installation of the new cabinets before completely changing it.  

Step 3: Do the Electrical and Plumbing Work 

The trickiest part of this project is the electrical and plumbing work. When old appliances and cabinets are removed or moved, the electrical system is affected too. Hire a contractor so you can clear up this problem.  

Step 4: Install Cabinetry, Flooring and Fixtures 

If you’ve done the other parts of the job like preparing the wall or painting it, installing new floor and others it’s time to install the cabinets and other fixtures you bought.  

Step 5: Do More Upgrade 

If you still have budget to buy more new things for the kitchen, do it. Buy that cabinet you want and make sure it still has space to put on. Other accessories can be bought too as long as you still have the budget.